Tuesday, June 29

Slim Fast day 1

Great another girl doing another diet! woo freakn hoo right? For me Hell yes!! I am not a huge dieter. I like food. I eat what I wanna eat and will cook what ever I wanna cook! now that I have gone on past the 200 pound mark (210-215) I knew I had to do something right? well that was 2 years ago, ill start something for maybe a week and thats about it. SO i made my self a deal, one month see how it goes. I didn't give my  self a treat if i stuck to it. I just want to see how and what I can do in one month. Heres my fat ass back story: I was depressed so what do I do? well change something quite dramatically! So I had a friend in California, Bakersfield to be exact who coaxed me into moving here. So I sold absolutely sold almost everything I own and packed my PT Bruiser and peaced out for California. While here I got I stayed the same still depressed. Something happened, I am still completely uncertain of the how and what happened. But one day I was no longer depressed, I started working more. I have no time to cook for myself! So Hello Jack and the box and McDonalds. Still not sure again with the who what and how this happened! but I went from needed 3 burgers (double cheeseburgers) to hardly getting through one! ONE!! WHODaTHUNK!! I sure didn't! Well I am now down 20 pounds, by not trying. I noticed 20 pounds looks so much better on me. Now I wanna see what will happen when I try! 

Back to Diet: Slim Fast 3.2.1 
3 Snacks
2 Slim fast meals
1 Balanced meal around 500 cal.

So day one here is what I did. 10-15 almonds, Mango Sherbet, and a small banana, 2 shakes strawberry and cream, and cappuccino delight! For my Balanced Meal? Hello Cheese burger!!!! I swear it was on their website!! So I take 1# ground beef add seasonings divide into 4 flatten and cook on skillet or grill. Fix on Whole Wheat Buns. Top with American Cheese melted of course! Side dish is 16 oz. of coleslaw sauce would be 1/2 c low fat mayo and lemon juice. Again divide into 4. Total of 450 cal, ended up yummie!!

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